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Rua dos Baldaques, Lisboa


Apartamento, Transformação




90 m2

The project is located in the Arroios district, in an area of dense urban fabric located in the city of Lisbon.

The apartment, in its existing state, was divided into many, very narrow spaces, which is typical of the original construction in these areas.

The intention of the project was to upgrade the interior, creating a two-bedroom apartment consisting of the spacious master bedroom with a generous closet space and a children’s room and the complete refurbishment of the bathroom. 

The project took into account the future proofing of the space for the future installation of interior staircase, giving the possibility of converting the apartment into a duplex, while preserving the existing configuration of the interiors as much as possible as the main consideration of the project was focusing on the changes that are not influencing the building’s structural system.

The proposed intervention intends to improve the brightness and spaciousness of the compartments. 

Regarding the new look of the bathroom, we decided to preserve and maximize the advantage of the existing bathroom being very open despite its small size, creating a space with a modern and clean design, with small vivid colored accents in the form of a shower niche, a tap and the glass on the top of the door.

As a result, even though using minimal and non-invasive interventions,  we were able to breathe new life into this space.

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