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Projects of various scales and functions

We perform various scale projects, from small interiors to entire buildings, refurbishments and new constructions of any scale and funcion.
If you have a project in mind, do not hesitate to contact us and obtain more information.


Individual approach

Each project is different. We approach each project individually, analysing all the client's objectives and goals and working together in order to obtain the most satisfying outcome.



Renovation & New construction

We believe that architecture not only defines our physical environment but also strongly impacts the way we feel and function.

Our studio performs diverse architectural projects, from apartment renovations to new constructions of various scales and various functions.

The architectural project is considered the most important one during the construction phase, since it defines in detail and guarantees the expected outcome of the final creation.

Each project is analysed within its surroundings and within the frames of local legislation, taking into consideration the rules of sustainability. Our design is based on the programme, objectives, goals and budget in order to fulfill the client’s expectations.

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  • Renovation & New construction

  • Apartments

  • Housing - single/multi-family

  • Offices, Retail, Public

  • Technical Assistance on Construction Site

Interior design

Functionality & Design

Interior design is much more than decoration — its purpose is to improve the user experience by means of a profound understanding of the space and give response to any existing challenges, choosing smart, high quality materials and solutions. We analyse all the aspects, including textures, colors and finishing materials to create harmonious interiors.

In our projects we seek for practicality and optimization to discover the highest potential of each space. We believe in timeless design — simple and sophisticated style that is highly adaptable to the changing conditions of its user’s life and less impactful on the environment.

The integral part of the interior design project is Lighting design. Light has the capacity of creating scenic ambients that we intend to explore during the design phase to create unique sensations and experiences for the users.

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  • Interior design

  • Lighting design

  • Furniture, Fixture & Equipment (FF&E)

  • Fit-out

  • Comercial & residencial


Analysis & Expertise

Additionally, our studio performs consulting services and pre-buy analysis that can serve as a basis for real estate investments.

Among other services, we offer:

– Analysis of construction potential of a plot;

– Analysis of possible building amplifications;

– Analysis of possible changes to buildings or apartments;

– Check-up of legality of real estate;

Having a thorough analysis before acquiring real estate is a time and money efficient approach to avoid any legal problems in the future and to create clear investment objectives.

  • Pre-buy analysis of real estate

  • Project viability analysis

  • Analysis of local regulations

  • Professional expertise


Environment & Health

We strongly believe that good design can reduce any negative environmental impact of buildings.

In our projects, independently of the scale of the intervention, we take special care to promote and propose environmentally friendly, non-toxic materials, products of recycled nature or originating from local providers.

Our aim is to achieve the objectives of our clients by introducing timeless and cost-efficient solutions.

We put stress on reusing and repurposing pre-existing elements, since adaptability is an important factor when it comes to sustainable design as practiced in our studio.

  • Sustainable solutions

  • Local and ecological materials

  • Respect for pre-existing

  • Ambient and health friendly