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KEMA studio is a collaboration of two architects.

After years of experience gained in portuguese architectural offices, there emerged an idea to create their very own studio, based on innovation and creativity, and giving special attention to detail.

The studio began its practice in 2015 with renovations of “unwanted”, rejected properties, where discovery of their true potential and their return to existence could be achieved only by means of a profound study.

Our principle is to revive the spirit of reminiscence of each place with contemporary techniques and elements. In our belief, there is always a story to be discovered and told through a thorough intervention.

Though our main focus is renovation, we also develop new construction projects of various scales and functions.

Learn more about our services and contact us to (re)invent your space with us.

Members of Association of Portuguese Architects (OA) since 2015 and with 10 years of professional experience in the field, from preliminary projects and licensing projects to execution projects of various types of buildings, they worked in CIDARQ Arquitectura Engenharia Construções (2010), CVDB Arquitectos Associados (2011-2013) and  Domus Concept Arquitectura e Construção (2013-2020).

They completed the course of  “Sustainable Community Development”, coordinated by Uppsala University, organized by “The Baltic University Programme”, which conveys a comprehensive understanding of sustainable community development and urban planning, in perspective of environmental, social and economic growth.

1º Prize in Public Competition for Porto Salvo School Center in Oeiras (2022), of joint authorship with CVDB Arquitectos Associados – Cristina Veríssimo e Diogo Burnay.

Distinguished in following projects, in collaboration with CVDB Arquitectos Associados – Cristina Veríssimo e Diogo Burnay:   1º Prize in Private Competition for Mira Rio College in Telheiras (2012); 1º Prize in Public Competition for a Megalithic Museum in Mora (2013); 2º Prize in Private Competition of Quinta e Adega do Pinhal da Torre (2013).

In collaboration with Domus Concept, in 2019, won the 1º Prize in Public Competition of Affordable Housing Programme of Lisbon City Hall for Rua Gomes Freire, and a Honorable Mention in Prémio Nacional de Reabilitação Urbana in category of the Best Solution Energetic Efficiency with Santa Marta 22 project.

Finalists in International Biennial of Interior Design INAW2010 “Dialogue in space” in Cracow, Poland, in 2010.


Eliza Borkowska

Magdalena Czapluk


Chidi Ofulue

Andrea Czaja

Zuzanna Potocka

Karolina Włodarczyk

Wioletta Wrona