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Lapa, Lizbona


Mały sklep, Renowacja




20 m2

The project is located in Lapa, one of the most emblematic and traditional neighborhoods of Lisbon.

The objective of this project was to renovate a small commercial space for a local bakery, MONKA, providing bread and other artisanal products based on slow fermentation processes.

The principle of the project was to accept and preserve the small defects of the existing and create new design around it, just as this bakery’s technique of preparing bread from slow fermentation is based on an old concept reinvented into something new and innovative.

Right from the first visit, we decided to preserve some elements of the space: the light green flooring with some small defects, the ceiling with several layers of beige paint accumulated over multiple renovations, and the rusty metal structure reused partially to create a display stand for the bread.

We decided to implement around the preserved elements very natural and light tones. We created the store’s own character by introducing green tones accompanying the green of the floor and, in combination with dark green, gave additional depth to the space. In order to endow a naturalist character onto the store, the interior was decorated with many plants and wooden elements specifically designed for this project, such as: the counter, the shelves, hangers for bread bags, and the table at the storefront window.

Upon this base, we introduced a play of new geometries in the form of arches, painted or applied as panels onto the existing walls, inspired in the shape of the old bread ovens, which set up a dialogue with the geometry of the pre-existing.

To bring life to the facade of the building we created a small space for sitting and drinking coffee in the storefront window area.

The character of this space was, thus, created based on a respectful reuse of the existing and on the introduction of the new elements which, altogether, provided this space with an identity that is at once singular, distinguished and harmonious.

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