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Mortuary House

Mortuary House, Barrancos


Barrancos, Portugal


Concurso Público / Public Competition




240 m2


LANDSCAPE - Arqª Cláudia Correia Gomes
ENGINEERING - Civiconcebe

Our competition entry presents the project of Mortuary House and its surroundings. The aim of the intervention was to create new dynamics within the village and enhance the zone of the existing viewpoint, which became a important statement in the project.

The way the building was positioned integrates it into the landscape in the best possible way to preserve a panoramic view onto the valley. A sequence of stairs, ramps and platforms helps to gain access to the building, while giving the pedestrian a possibility to gradually capture scenic views.

Located on the periphery of the village, the building enters in a dialog with the surrounding houses by mimicking the inclined roofs and a subtle overlap of its forms.

The Mortuary House presents itself with a very defined volumetry. A monolith, which hides and encloses within itself all the functions requiring contemplation, and which opens itself to the picturesque landscapes by subtractions from its form.

The building is sculptured both from  the exterior and interior. Selective subtractions from the interior provoke the entrance of indirect light to its most important interiors,  creating mysterious atmosphere during funeral ceremony, reinforcing the need for introspection and contemplation. Its spaces resonate in a profound level of consciousness through forms that cannot be fully understood but solely felt and experienced.

It adopts the separation between “function” and “facade” creating deep patios, isolated from the exterior world, controlling the intensity of the light through the green buffer of vegetation and facilitating the natural ventilation.

The plaster in natural earth tones proposed for the finishing, both of the interior and exterior, fully integrates the building into its surrounding so it stands out only by the deformations of its geometry. The concept of carving the monolith is reinforced also by the continuous pavement pursuing the same color tones.

The organization of the functions is accompanied by the intensity of light carefully chosen for each type of space. The waiting zone presents itself as the brightest, while the contemplation areas are sensitively more shadowed by retrieving only indirect light, creating much more reduced and intimate atmosphere.


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